More of Tour 2002

Deb van der Ley sent in this action shot which is from the Portland OR show. Not a bad photo for a disposable camera. Notice Dave playing his new Gibson Flying V guitar.
"Thank you" to fellow Webmaster Jordan Taylor for sending these tour shots. These four vintage plexi Marshall full stack amps are a new addition to the Amato stage setup.

While on tour, REO and Styx found themselves near the Gibson Acoustic guitar works in Bozeman, MT. Pictured here left to right are: Dave, Tommy Shaw, Carl Lewis (Gibson craftsman), Lawrence Gowan, and Glen Burtnik.
Showing the guys around is Gibson Rep Sam Cantalona. Dave had met Sam at the Arlington, TX Guitar show in 2000, and had hit it off well back then. Dave and Tommy both took advantage of Gibson's generosity and left with new guitars to add to their collections. Dave bought a Hummingbird model, and Tommy bought Jumbo J200. Dave was presented a J200 by Gibson. Many thanks to the good Gibson folks (especially Sam and Carl) for their hospitality.