Original Fan's Photos Page 3

1989/1990 REO photo sent in by Bridget and Olivia. Notice Bryan's larger drum kit in background. photo by Olivia & Bridget
Merrillville shots by Jenniferphoto by Jennifer photo by Jennifer
photo by Olivia and Bridget Olivia sent in this photo from the Oaklawn, Illinois show in August of 1999. Thanks for your support!
Fellow Webmaster Shawn Rainer shared this photo of Dave, Neal , and himself. Shawn_Rainer
Anne Owen took this photo of Dave in action at the new Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas. Her family sent her on the trip from Kansas City as a Mother's Day gift. Talk about a supportive family! Photo:_by_Anne_Owen
Photo:_by_Phyllis Photo:_by_PhyllisPhyllis took these photos of Dave and Bruce.

Photo_by_Bill_Parson Professional Photographer Bill Parson is very generous to donate these to photos of Dave.

Scrunching up one's face like this must help to bend those strings way up there. You can't tell me that Dave doesn't get into the music. The energy level on stage is a big part of the excitement of seeing REO in concert. These guys like what they do and have fun doing it. Photo_by_Bill_Parson