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Posted: February 25, 2009

OK ... so I'm listen to the song "Smilin' in the End" ... and these lyrics hit me like a ton of bricks ...
"gonna get away and have myself a little fun."

I immediately thought of all the fans-REO-tastic Dave-ites that visit and contribute to this site. I mean ... it's just a total rush hearing from you all. I love it! And I can tell from the emails and photos below that you fans are really the best at having fun

 So ... check out the emails and stories below and embrace the fun:  

The firstReOmail is from Rachel. She sent in the two photos that appear above. Thanks Rachel. Great photos! You rock!

I received this hot ReOmail below from Lorelli Kronkhyte. She attended the concert at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY on January 23, 2009 and sent in the three photos that appear in this section.


OK ... if you made it this far ... you are ready to read this email. We pick up this email already in progress:

"I won front row seats on the radio and when Kevin Cronin was in the radio station doing an interview, he picked a name from all of the ticket winners and that person also won "VIP Roadie of the Day"...Kevin picked my name !!! My friend Jackie and I spent the entire day with the band!!!

 I hung out with REO all day, had dinner with them, and watched the entire concert from backstage.  I had the great pleasure of not only winning front row tickets to see REO Speedwagon last night, BUT I also won the opportunity to be REO Speedwagon's "VIP Roadie of the Day."

It started Thursday afternoon when I was listening to Mix97.7FM in my car. I knew they were giving away 1st and 2nd row tickets for REO. When you heard a REO song, you had to be the 9th caller to win.
I heard the REO song come on, and called from my cell. I was caller # 1. I hung up and hit re-dial, I was caller # 5. I hit re-dial again, and I was finally caller # 9!!!!  

I gave Frankenberry, the Mix97.7 DJ my info, and he said Kevin Cronin, the lead singer for REO Speedwagon would be in the studio later to do an interview, and after the interview, they would be selecting one of the ticket winners to win "VIP Roadie of the Day".

When I got home, I immediately put the radio on and was listening to the interview as I was on the phone with a friend. I heard that Kevin was about to pick the winner, so I turned my radio up louder. Then I heard Frankenberry say:
"Our VIP Roadie winner is" Lorelli Kronkhyte !!!!!!
 I screamed !! I nearly dropped my phone !! I was shocked to say the least !!  Frankenberry called me later and said I would be spending the day with REO Speedwagon as their VIP Roadie guest.

We arrived Friday at about 4:00 PM and went in thru the band entrance and was given the VIP treatment from start to finish. We met all of the band members, and crew, and when I met Kevin Cronin, I gave him a kiss and thanked him for picking my name.

We had access to everything, everywhere, and anything, we had dinner with REO, we went on their tour bus, we were hanging out with the band members in their dressing rooms, had the opportunity to watch them rehearse, and after the opening band was finished, Frankenberry, the DJ from Mix 97.7 called me on my cell from the stage (I was downstairs hanging out with the band members) to tell me he was about to announce REO.

Jackie and I watched the entire concert from on stage (On the side of course).
Kevin Cronin actually gave me a bottle of his Private Stock Chardonnay, and all of the band members signed it for me!! That's one bottle of wine I will never open.  They also gave us their new CD, which they also signed.

I have to say, I have a whole new perspective and outlook as to what really goes into making a concert come together, and the personal sacrifice that goes along with being a famous band.

 I want to personally thank Mix97.7FM for the opportunity of a lifetime, and I especially want to thank Kevin, Neal, Bryan, Dave and Bruce of REO Speedwagon, Mike Richter, the production manager, Walter, Smooth, Pete and all of the stage hands and crew for showing us a really awesome time and for being gracious and treating us like friends.

WOW, What an experience. I'll never forget it. You guys ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!"

Lorelli ... I'm sure I speak for all REO fans when I say:    "I was feelin' it!!!!"

These lyrics of smilin' in the end definitely came to mind ... "good luck is fine!"

Lorelli ... no doubt all REO fans would agree ... you really:



Hey ... did anyone notice that we are in the middle of recession???   I'm going to give you a hint on how to blow right past it: REcessiOn!

See anything in that word that can kill off the effects of a recession? Hmmm?  If you pull out the letters R,E, and O, there is no recession now is there! HA!

OK ... I received this cool email and three photos below from Melissa, she writes:
"Dear Terry:
Attached are a few pictures from backstage after Dave and REO played in Easton PA in January(2009).   I would appreciate it if you would forward them on to Dave, along with the message of hello and thank you from me. 

Me and my friends really appreciated the tickets and a had a fabulous time.  We cannot wait to see the guys again in April at Atlantic City.  Please also let him know I am trying to get my dad and grandfather to come too from Boston to see him play.   Thank you,


MELISSA ... I'LL TELL DAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks like a lot of happy folks after the REO show!

Whooo ... you got me singing some of the the smilin' in the end lyrics right now:

There's a place somewhere I'm gonna find
Where I can feel safe, leave the
REcessiOn all behind!!!!!

Thanks Melissa!


A little story: I work in Washington and have never been to Champaign, Il.

Four months back I meet coworker Patrick Hatch on the job and he tells me that he grew up in Champaign. I instantly make the REO connection and ask him about REO.

He says he's a big fan of Dave and the band and tells me all kinds of stuff I never knew about REO. We become instantly bonded for life.

He says ... "I'm going home for Thanksgiving and I'm going to get my picture on REO Speedwagon way in Champaign and I'll send it to you."

I said, "By gosh. Do it!"

He did(see photo at left)!                  


Patrick; I see the sign and it looks cold there but I know you'll recover!

Glad to know you are part of the REO ... smilin in the end ...


See you at work tomorrow!


OK ... when it's the end of the show ... the band always pulls out 157 Riverside Ave and everybody goes nuts. It's like the sun rising everyday ... it's gonna happen.

We'll ... when it's time for the end of this photo show ... I liked to pull out what I call the ... "157 Nancy Yohe Photos!"

She has been apart of many climatic photo endings here at www.daveamato.com and it's a no brainier ... you'll all go crazy viewing these Pic-REO-tures:

So check out her email and her awesome shots from the January 24, 2009 Easton show.

She writes:
"Hi Terry! 

Oh man, you missed a GREAT show!!!  I know they're always great, but this one was really special to me - I brought along 5 of my closest friends, including my friend Jeff's 13-year old daughter.  Sarah had the absolute BEST time ever - the guys were so wonderful to her; she came home with a whole bunch of stuff; picks, KC autographed photo (one of mine, of course) and one of Bry's drumsticks. 

She couldn't stop talking about it - asked me when she can go see them again... HAH!!!  Another one hooked LOL!  Actually, all of my friends had a great time - all I kept hearing was "WOW I never realized they were so good!"

As I looked at the photos I could almost here Dave accenting each photo with an earth shaking guitar "D cord" ... just like he does at the ending of 157 Riverside Ave!!!!! Wow ... They were so coooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!

That is awesome to hear that Sarah had a spect-REO-tacular time!

Sounds like you all definitely ... got away and had some fun!

I think we may have to rededicate the name of this street to the ...

157 Nancy-Yohe-Sarah Photo Avenue!



Everybody else:


After hearing from you all and posting these great photos ... all I have to say is ... the recession can knock us down ...
... run us over ... back up and run us down a bit ... but we REO fans we'll always be ...


Take care everybody and see you down front with Dave at the next REO show!

Terry Lacny ... Photo Editor ... www.daveamato.com!