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Posted: July 10, 2008

Before I start ... I want to thank you all for reading! I'm sure I speak for Dave and Ken when I say you are all awesome fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK ... I'm ready ... LETS GO(!) ...

As a resident of Ashburn, VA, and knowing of the local concert series called Live At Belmont ... I'd been hoping for the day REO would show up at my house to play.

Well, it happened on June 28, 2008 and the band shook Ashburn a good one!

The show had everything you could expect from a rockin' REO show. This included great music, Kevin getting the fans all fired up with his trademark REO pep talks, beach balls bouncing back and forth amongst the crowd ... and even a little bad weather to set the stage for the song ... Ridin' the Storm Out.

One thing I took from the show that amazed me is how REO persuaded "mother nature" to join in at the precise moment needed to achieve the desired effect.

What happened you ask?

Well ... the wind was blowing strong that day and seemed to blow the hardest when Kevin sang:

"My life has been such a whirlwind since I saw you."

Kevin sang those words without seeming to flinch ... almost expecting the wind to blow hard at that time ... which it did ... and Walter and the road crew, which my 11 year old son would later remark "was the best road crew ever" for their generosity of stage gifts given to fans after the show ... braced the stage as tarp panels flapped in the wind.

The mood was ... how should I say ....


Dave(above) rocks out as the "whirlwind" picks up and storm clouds approach to the rear of the stage ...

... while (below) the road crew steadies the cover of the REO STAGEWAGON as the storm kicks up.


Well ... the wind howled ... the rain picked up ... but all was calm because the crew, band, and fans were all masters at ridin' the storm out!

Then the weather settled a bit ... the show carried on in rockin' fashion and I was able to get some photos of Dave and the band ... rockin' out in Ashburn VA .... hope you all enjoy:





Above: I was able to get a shot of "my crew" (Left to Right: Josh, Lance, Olivia, and Lou Ann)
... with Bryan and Dave after the show. I just had to post that one! My crew was pumped!!!!


I was not the only Wagonhead at the Ashburn show. I received the following email from Charlotte and Matt Brown below. They write:

"The show was great - (they all are) we usually fly to an REO show each summer - we live in Maine and they don't usually come up to our neck of the woods (woods literally:)"

We are from Maine and traveled to see the show and always have a great time at the show and meet new REO friends. So long as the Speedwagon Keeps on Rollin' I will be goin' to the shows. They ROCK !!


Above: Great shot of Dave with the storm approaching in the background.




Above: A super shot of the hands of Dave rockin' out on the Les Paul.


Enjoy the rest of Charlotte's and Matt's photos that follow:





Great Shots! Thanks Charlotte and Matt!!!


Well ...

the wind outside was frightening; but band, crew, and fans stayed together and rode the Ashburn storm out ... and we gave all we had ...

... because at the REO Speedwagon show ...

you get back what you give!

Amen Brother!

Take care everybody and thanks for reading! You all rock!

Terry Lacny ... Photo Editor ... www.daveamato.com!