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Posted: May 20, 2008

You know ... I'm seeing REO everywhere these days.

I'm starting to think there are really three or four REO Speedwagons running around this world ... and that would mean six or eight road crews, which would mean three or four Dave's ... and that would mean three or four hundred ...

... Dave-tars!

Man ... REO is everywhere! What do you think Speedwagon fans ...more than one?

One minute they're on the CBS morning show in Kansas, next minute Canada, next minute in the charts with the song "Find Your Own Way Home," next minute there's Kevin singing REO songs on "Don't Forget the Lyrics," next minute California, then Pennsylvania, then Florida, then ten or fifteen other states, then somewhere in Europe. Even cartoon creatures named Horton say they hear Speedwagon. Man ... REO IS EVERYWHERE AND THEY ARE A TOURING MACHINE!

That is, if there is only one ... of which I'm suspicious of.

Let's look through these photos and see if we can find evidence of three or four REO Speedwagons:

I received this first set of awesome shots below from Nancy Yohe taken at the Reading, PA show on April 3, 2008. Thanks Nancy!


Great Shots!


Nancy Yohe then sent in this second set of photos from the 2008 South Bend, IN show. I have to tell you ... these win my award for capturing REO's biggest laugh ever documented by photos.

I mean, I've never seen the band captured in any such series of photos ... laughing so hard! Congrats to Nancy!

What the moment is or was ... I can't tell you ... but it sure must have been funny.

To continue on this concept of laughing , did you ever hear somebody laugh so hard it made you laugh? We'll ... did you ever see a photo of somebody laughing so hard it made you laugh? If not ... you won't stop laughing at these photos!


The band was obviously having a good time. Check them out:


...whatever it was.



Kim Davies from classicrockchick.com (a site which I had a chance to check out ... and I have to tell you ... it rocks!) sent in some really cool photos of Dave and the band from the 2007 European tour. Webmaster Ken McGee told me about how excited he and Dave were about Dave's red Marshall touring amps. So here are some good shots of these amps ... along with other great photos of the band rockin' out ... taken at "The Symphony Hall in Birmingham:"

This second set of photos taken by Kim Davies was from the 2007 Hammersmith Apollo show in London ... again ... there are some great shots of the "red" Marshall amps:




Krissy Sallustro submits the following photo from the April 8, 2008 Mohegan Sun Arena show in Uncasville, CT. Looks like the show was a good one because they are all "smilin' in the end:"

Krissy ... you and your friends rock! Thanks for the photo!



Dennis, Pam, and Shauni Cargill submitted the photo below taken at the Houston, TX show May 10, 2008.

They write: "My wife & I saw REO back in 1977 in Beaumont, Texas at their peak or as I thought, Until now. They were absolutely awesome this time around. The new CD is Fantastic too! What better band and music to expose our daughter to."

Dennis, Pam, and Shauni ... thanks for the photo! And yes, REO keeps getting better and better, and they just seem to ...

... keep peakin' on!


Everybody ... you are all so awesome for sending in the photos and email!

And everybody else ... you are just as awesome for reading and supporting the Dave page! We are a team aren't we? Whooo hooooooooooooo!

After looking at all these photos and hearing from you ... what was I thinking(!) ... you all made me realize there is one ... and only one ...


Take care ... "T.L". ... that's Terry Lacny ... the ... Photo Editor of ... www.daveamato.com!