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I received the photo below from Deborah Thompson. She bumped into Dave at NAMM (the largest music products trade show in the United States) in mid January 2008 in Anaheim, CA. This is a show Dave makes a point to attend every year.

She writes:

"Dave is so awesome ... we were passing by and happened to spot him talking to a friend ... but he stopped and talked to us and took pictures.  My husband plays guitar, quite well I must say, so you can imagine his day at NAMM.  He still can't get over Dave's arsenal of guitars." 

Dave does have quite an arsenal of guitars Deborah! That fact has come in handy for me many-a-times and maybe your husband, as well as other guitarists, can use it. I have been able to acquire at least three or four guitars that otherwise I may not have by using this phrase with my wife, "But Honey ... Dave has 95 guitars and this will only be my _(some number less than 95th guitar) __th guitar. Please can I get it!!"

Works every time. Trust me.

For that advice alone ... it pays to shop at www.daveamato.com Deborah.

In fact Deborah, word is getting around about his "arsenal." The May 2008 issue of Vintage Guitar Magazine uses that exact word on the cover which features a photo of Dave and a photo of part of his arsenal. Oh yeah, the story is great too and I won't spoil it for you and our fellow Wagonheads by telling you about it. This is a must have issue for Speedwagon fans so be sure you all check it out!



Above: Fan Deborah Thompson and Dave at NAMM in January 2008.

Deborah ... thanks for the kind words ... sending in the photo ...

and helping us keep track of Dave and the arsenal!

No doubt you and your husband rocked the whole ...




I received this photo and story from Laurie Gramke who tracked down Dave after a show.

She writes:

My husband and I went on a two hour road trip to see "the boys" as he likes to call them.  We are HUGE REO fans.  The show was February 8th (2008) in Elizabeth, IN at Ceasers Indiana, and it was AWESOME!  Dave Amato is my favorite and he put on a great show!  They played "Dangerous Combination" and "Find Your Own Way Home" from their new CD along with some old favorites.  It was a night to remember.  After the show we went back to meet the band.  They are very genuine and seem to have a great relationship which would explain why they are still together making great music.  I just want to thank Dave for the picture and hope to see them again.


Above: Laurie Gramke and Dave after the Elizabeth, IN show.


You mentioned the new songs Dangerous Combination and Find Your Own Way Home and you got me going!

You know ... I bought the album the day it came out and I was listening again to it the other day. That's when I thought to myself ... "It's been a year ...


Sounds as awesome as the day I bought it. REO Rocks.

Thanks Laurie for the kind words and photo.




Speaking of songs off the new album, when a legendary REO fan is also a fantastic photographer ... let me tell you ... that's a "Dangerous Combination" ... and that person ... can only be ... the one and only...

Cindi "Rawkin" Carter!

I received an email and photos from her as she did her own tracking of Dave, and I'm sure you'll agree that these photos rawk!

Cindi sent in two sets of photos. The first set was taken on last night of the 2007 Tour; the November 3, 2008 show at Star Of The Desert Arena, in Primm NV. 

The second set was taken at "The Grove" in Anaheim CA, on January 30, 2008.

Enjoy the photos that follow:





Above: Dave watching a baseball game, but can't quite figure out the umpire's call. Dave thinks the runner was safe but the umpire called him out.

Just kidding: That photo just needed a caption.



Above: Dave points to second base explaining to the umpire that the runner was safe, but the ump called him out.

That one needed a caption too. I couldn't resist.

Enjoy the rest of Cindi's photos:


Here is the second set taken by Cindi at "The Grove" in Anaheim CA, on January 30, 2008:



Were those photos great or what!

Whoo Hoooo! Thanks Cindi!

(Do you want to see more? Check out these additional photos sent in by Cindi by clicking here!)

Well ... I'd like to finish by saying ... to all you rockin' fans who sent in the photos and are helping the rest of us keep track of Dave and the arsenal ... I'm sure I speak for all REO fans when I say:


Dave fans ...thanks for reading and viewing ... take care ... T.L. Photo Editor, www.daveamato.com