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Man ... what a year it's been! A new REO album, another fantastic year of touring, energetic rockin' Dave fans that send in great stories and photos from the road ... it doesn't get any better than this! It's out of this ... and into a different world ... and you the fans ... make it all go 'round!

I'll start off this page with these cool photos and email I received from Tim Crowe. He and his wife Nancy attended the October 26, 2007 show in Glenside, PA. He writes:

"This was the first time I had seen REO in 27 years and what a great show!  The guys have fantastic energy, the music sounded great and they honestly seem like they were having fun, which is refreshing. Plus, I was lucky enough to meet them after the show, and each of them was friendly, warm and completely unpretentious.  It was the best night out my wife and I had in a very long time.  Thanks, Dave and company!" 

Above: Tim Crowe and Dave rockin' out after the show.

Awesome Tim! Glad you had a great time!



I received an email from Lee Haworth. Lee was really pumped about REO's June 2007 UK tour and attended a few shows. He writes:

I have a selection of photos that I took during the UK tour from the Birmingham and London gigs. I got to 3 shows, Manchester Bridgewater Hall, Birmingham Symphony Hall and the final UK gig at London's Hammersmith Apollo.

It took a lot of hard work and money to persuade someone to sell me a front row ticket for Birmingham and London. It was worth it!! I've been a fan of REO Speedwagon since I was 10 (that's 22 years!) and always believed that Dave Amato has brought a new passion and energy to the band.

Rather than stick to their mikes, all 3 of the 'front men' spent the entire of each show running around ... Dave was more than happy to pose for photos during his ripping solos. I lost count of the guitar changes.

They played 4 songs from Find Your Own Way Home and although the album is quote 'produced' Dave did a hell of a job filling those theatres with his signature guitar sound all on his own! The man rocked!! After a wander around London I decided to hang out near the loading entrance of the Apollo and bumped into Neil Schaeffer, REO's front of house engineer who told me that the band were already inside.

A few fans had gathered and it wasn't long before I spotted Dave sneaking across to Catering for a snack. He was quite happy to chat with fans and have his photo taken and sign tour programs. The final night of the UK tour was awesome and worth the 22 year wait."


Above: Lee Haworth and Dave.

Great story and cool photos Lee! Thanks for sharing them!




Guess what? The Dave page photo editor ... "me" ... went to a show last month! My wife and I attended the Glenside, PA show on October 26, 2007 and I took the photos that follow.

I have to tell you Dave fans ... after I left that show ... I was sky high!


What a show! A lot of words and phrases were flying around my head for days after the show such as, "exciting, amazing, thrilling, rockin.' awesome, keep pushin' don't give up, give 110%, rock like mad, get me though my darkest hour, set myself free, great sound, damn hard work, come back stronger, that's the way to do it, don't let go, kick butt, and thank gosh for REO's electric powered guitars!"

These words and phrases and many others were spining around my head and I found myself a few days after the show looking for a grounding point for all of them. I thought, "What is the one thing that draws me to REO Speedwagon ... one of the greatest ... if not the greatest rock band ever?"

Finally ... about four days after the show I asked my wife what her thoughts were and I think what she said summed up my feelings exactly ... she said,

"It added years to my life."

I agreed. That was it! So go to an REO show my fellow Dave/REO fans and add years to your life. Enjoy the photos that follow:


Above: Lou Ann Lacny and Dave.

The show she said, "added years to my life."

(...and that is good ... since I'm married to her.)



I received this photo from Stacy Cook from Pensacola Florida. She attended a recent 2007 REO show and writes.

"What an incredibly gifted man........this night will be talked about forever.  What a show. Huge fans of Dave Amato."


Above: Stacy Cook, Randy Paun and Dave.

Stacy ... thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience! You rock!


I received these photos below from "Adrian and Teresa." They write:

We are super REO fans and love Dave.  We saw them at their Pensacola, West Palm Beach and Clearwater shows all within a week and we drove hours and hours to catch them and we had an awesome time ... here are pictures of our little puppy that we named REO sporting her new shirt.  She is all of 4 pounds and is a toy Chihuahua and she loves REO's music.

Hope Dave gets a kick out of his smallest fan.


Above: A dog named REO wearing a customized "Dave" shirt.

I have one thing to say about that:

Keep on rollin' ... roll with the changes baby!

or maybe I should say:

Keep on barkin' ... bark with the changes doggie!



Everybody ... thanks for sending in the photos :



Dave fans ...thanks for reading and viewing ... take care ... T.L. Photo Editor,