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I received an email and photos from longtime photo submitter Cindi Carter who really Rawks! Get it? Rawks sounds like Rocks. That is an inside joke. She likes to say "Rawk" in all her emails sent here instead of "rock" ... which I happen to think is really cool.

She writes:

"These are from August 30th (taken) at the Pechanga Resort, in Temecula, California.

REO was on fire! 

It was Rick, the truck driver's birthday, and Kevin called him out on stage to get his birthday present!  It was a beautiful signed guitar!

Todd Angie, Bill and I all had a rockin' time!"


Below are a couple of shots of Rick and his birthday present ...

... and some absolutely rockin' shots of the nights show:





I received an email from "Tina Bradshaw and Amy" who took two cool photos of Dave at a recent 2007 show. I like how the cell phone was captured in the second photo below ... it's an added effect:



Lisa Miller took the shots that follow at the Lawenceburg, IN show on September 28, 2007. She writes:

"Well I made it to the Lawrenceburg, IN show and REO rocked, It was such an awesome concert ... Dave had these bright green shoes on, they were awesome so I took a picture of them, not to many people get close enough to see their shoes."

Above: A photo by Lisa Miller of Dave's green shoes.

All I have to say is ... some fans focus on the guitars ... some on the shoes ... we give you a little bit of everything here at



John McLaughlin sent in a story and some great shots taken at the Des Moines (Altoona) Iowa, Prairie Meadows Casino/Events Center show on October 5, 2007.

He writes:

(Note: the writing below also currently appears on Kevin Cronin's website. We thought we would include it here to go along with the photos that follow. It's such a Mmmm-Mmmmm-rockin-good heart warming story.)

"On Sunday evening, September 30th, a large tornado cut a 22 mile path across central Iowa, damaging or destroying homes and businesses and disrupting the lives of hundreds of Iowans.  Local Des Moines  meteorologist and chopper pilot "Copter John" McLaughlin surveyed the damage from his helicopter and wondered what could be done to help lift the spirits of these hard working Iowans.

"That night I woke up at 3:30 am and "Ridin' the Storm Out" was going through my mind.  I fired up the laptop and dropped the band a note about helping out with the donation of some tickets to the REO show on October 5th at the Prairie Meadows Event Center in Altoona, Iowa so some of storm victims could come party and take a break from looking for their belongings in the cornfields."

REO responded almost immediately and the ball was rolling to donate the bands 20 reserved seats to the already sold out show. McLaughlin got in contact with the storm victims and soon the tickets were spoken for.  "I knew that with their Midwestern roots, REO would understand how devastating these storms can be and how long it takes to pick up the pieces," said McLaughlin.

The show was nothing less than awesome and the REO's Kevin Cronin led into the encore of "Ridin the Storm Out" with some inspirational words for the tornado survivors.  After the show, Cronin appeared on the local 10pm news and summed up the evenings performance by saying "these folks have had their lives disrupted and they have all kinds of cleanup to do.  If we took their minds off things for a couple of hours, then we've done our job."    It was a job well done, indeed!"



John, please pass along our best wishes, thoughts, and prayers from everybody here at to all those effected by the tornado and thanks so much for sharing the photos and story.


Cindi, Tina, Amy, Lisa, and John ... thanks for the photos ... there is no doubt that:



and of course ...


Dave fans ...thanks for reading and viewing ... take care ... T.L. Photo Editor,