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OK .... I was posting photos and I was about ready to take a little break. But before I did so I decided to peak ahead at the next bunch of photos I was planning to work on. So I looked at the photos. I could not help it. I started laughing. I said, "Oh my gosh a few times." I laughed a few more times. I then felt this amazing burst of energy that I had never felt before as I looked at them. I just could not wait to post them. I was motivated to keep pushin on! At first, I could not come up with words to describe them. There were too many adjectives flying around in my brain to choose from. Then ... one word popped into my head, "Ridiculous." Then I thought ... these photos are so good ... it's just ridiculous.

The photos were submitted by the legendary Dave/REO fan Todd Zeildner. He writes:

"REO was on fire during the month of Aug."07" Shoot they just keep getting better and better . FOR REAL!!!"

Well Todd. Your photo clicking hand was on fire too! REO fans ... enjoy these photos. I mean it. Just do it. The first set was taken at the Jack radio show REO played with ZZ Top in Chula Vista San Diego on Sunday August 19, 2007.   The second set (the "stage lighting" photos) was taken at the Vegas show at the the Palms Casino, on Friday August 10, 2007:









Whoooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

Todd ... I give you a standing ovation ... and say ...


You rock!

Dave fans ...thanks for reading ... take care ... T.L. Photo Editor,