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Legendary Wagonhead fan "RED" sent in some great photos and shared some stories from the road and back stage and I just had to share them with you. The first set of photos was taken back stage at the show in Eugene, Oregon in August 2007. She writes:

"My friend Jordan and I were lucky enough to be invited to participate in the sound check in Eugene by Dave's tech and friend-o-mine T-Byrd, and I got some great pictures of just about everything on the stage, including Dave's mic and switch/pedal setup ... (and a photo of) my personal favorite guitar of Dave's; the flamed-maple finish Les Paul.  T-Byrd was about to put new strings on it and I took the opportunity to get a good picture.  It's a gorgeous guitar!:"




She continues as she talks about the photos that follow taken August 16, 2007 at the show in Chehalis, WA:

"Getting to see 3 REO shows here in my native Pacific Northwest all in a two week period was sensational, and at the last one (Boise, ID), my good friend Jordan and I had the ultimate road trip experience:  We rented a brand new white Mustang convertible for the 7-hours-each-way-drive!  Picture this:  Sunny, blue skies, and 85 degrees outside, driving through scenic Columbia Gorge with the top down, the wind in our hair, and Find Your Own Way Home (and the rest of the REO catalogue too) blaring as loudly as possible on the kickass stereo, on the way to an REO just can't get much better than that for roadtrippin', my friend! 

I told Dave that I've always been a big fan of his (for a good 23 years now, and a WagonHead for 30), but the last 5 months has been the best ever! ...   His work on this one, guitar-wise and vocally is absolute perfection.  I can't get enough of it!"

Above: Red and Dave

RED, after looking at those pictures and reading your letter I think I speak for all REO fans when I say:

"Time for me Drive; to see REO! "

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Dave Fans ... you are all so awesome ... thanks for reading!

T.L. Photo Editor,