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Well I picked up "Find Your Own Way Home" at Wal-Mart ... ran to the car ... opened it up ... put it in the car stereo ... then after about 10 seconds of hearing the music .... I realized that my volume at "one-half" was no way near loud enough ... so I cranked it up the whole way ... and by the time I listened to the whole album ... I was "smiling in the end." Wow! What can you say! Awesome songs! Awesome production! It was a great day to be a Speedwagon fan.

Well you know Dave and the gang are big baseball fans. So, if I had to rate Dave on that album using baseball terms ... I'd say Dave batted about .408 ... with 42 home runs ...and 125 runs batted in. As for the Speedwagon team I'd have to borrow and modify a famous baseball quote and say, "Speedwagon wins the pennant! Speedwagon wins the pennant! Speedwagon wins the pennant!"

Inspired ... I drove home and started working on this months photo submissions immediately.

So here we go ...

We start off this page with a couple of photos submitted by Todd Zeidner.

These photos were taken at the Canyon Club in Agura Hills, CA on December 30, 2006.

Looks like Dave was really feeling the music on these photos ... you captured the moments ... great job ... thanks Todd!

Below are some nice photos submitted by Katie from the Mystic Lake show in Prior Lake, Minnesota taken on March 4, 2007. Katie was so excited about these photos and seeing the band that night. After she told me about it ... I immediately had to put on and listen to the entire Arch Allies CD!

Katie ... your enthusiasm is contagious ... you rock! Thanks!

Here is a photo submitted by Cindi and Bill Carter from the Orleans Arena show with STYX in 2005. In baseball they give out the MVP award for the Most Valuable Player. Well the photos that follow through the end of this page are World Series photos ... submitted by Most Valuable Fans(MVF's)! You guys rock!


Here are more great photos submitted by Cindi and Bill Carter from the Indio Date Festival in Indio,CA on January 19,2007. Cindi mentioned that "Angie and Todd" would want Dave to see these pictures. Wow thanks guys. You guys all really know how to Play Ball! Awesome photos!







Dave and rockin fan Cindi!


Dave Fans ... you should feel great because you scored a lot of runs with these photos and like any good ball player you just seemed to know how to:

"find your own way home!"

You guys rock ... take care ... Terry Lacny, Photo Editor,