TOUR 2006 (Page 7)


Check out the photos and story below:

Judy Davis was nice enough to send along the four above photos taken by her in Columbus, Ohio at the "Ohio State Fair" on August 6, 2006.

Judy writes, "I saw REO last night and wanted to submit a few photos.  The show was inside at  a venue called the Celeste Center, on the Ohio State Fairgrounds.  REO has played here numerous times.  Even back in the day when it was a grandstand and race track ... I have been a huge Dave fan since he joined the band.  I just love the guitars he is playing".

Well Judy, no doubt Dave has a lot of guitars for us to "love." In case you have not seen it, check out this photo of Dave with his guitar collection from a few years back:

(click to enlarge)


And to think Judy ... this photo was taken in 1999! There are probably more guitars to "love" now!