Odds and Ends
Australian Amato Fan Philip Shoppee sent this hard-copy photo all the way from Australia. The photo was taken in Melbourne in 1986.  This is no doubt holds the distance record for any contribution, and I think is also the oldest photo of Dave on the page. Thank you Philip for your generous contribution.
Photo from a sweltering summer day sent in by Jody.  Click on pick to see larger image including Kevin and Bruce.
They say "Never let 'em see you sweat", but that may have been when playing poker, not rockin' yer butt off on a hot summer evening!
Even in the intense heat, Dave and Bruce seem to enjoy performing.
Little Bitt Long-time REO fan, photographer, and Bruce Hall family friend "Little Bitt" is also a regular contributor to the Dave Page. Four great photos below are by "Little Bitt"!  
Deer Creek Noblesville, Indiana 6/91 Du Quoin State Fair, Illinois 8/91 Columbus Clippers ball game, Columbus OH 8/97 Danville Civic Center Danville, IL 9/96

Powers Photo