Fender Custom Shop

Photos by Fender Custom Shop Craftsman: Ronee Pena
11/22/03 Pictured here with Dave are Ronee Pena and Peter Becket. Photo submitted by Ronee, who is Dave's Fender Guitar builder in the Fender Custom Shop. Dave has been keeping Ronee very busy this year, and several projects are planned for 2004 as well. Peter Becket is the lead singer of the band Player. ("Baby Come Back")  Dave often brings buddies to the Custom Shop to get them hooked up with the fine unique Custom Shop guitars. Ronee built Dave's double neck Telecaster which hit the road with Dave this past year.  Many thanks to Ronee for supporting the Dave Page!
The body has been painted Burgundy Mist, which is a classic Fender color. Here the body has been buffed and polished to perfection. Now you won't believe what happens next.
Here the body has been antiqued. Artificial wear has been artistically applied to the body. Notice the paint is worn off the body to make it look like a well broken-in guitar. Fender does this to their "Relic" series guitars. It has become very popular, and even the competition has followed by offering "worn finishes".  Vintage guitars are very expensive, too much so to take on the road where they might get damaged or stolen.  Dave leaves his vintage collection at home and takes these new "Relics" on the road. Ronee has installed the electronics in the aged plastic pickguard. The humbucker in the bridge position is a Seymour Duncan 59 which Dave brought from home.  I think this photo best represents the true color of this guitar.
It is starting to look right but needs a good set-up. Ronee knows exactly how Dave likes his guitars to feel. The string height, neck bow, and pickup height are all essential to the Amato sound. Ronee said he and Dave like similar feel, so he knows how to tweek this beauty to Dave's liking.
The finished product, ready for delivery to Dave. Dave first played this guitar on stage at the 2003 New Years Eve show at the Las Vegas Aladdin Theater. Time to start the next one. This Shoreline Gold body and this neck were selected for Dave's next project.
05/24/04 Fender Custom Shop craftsman and Amato buddy Ronee Pena made this '67 Telecaster Relic in Sherwood Green for Dave.   Thank you Ronee for sending in the photos! Dave owns a 1954 Stratocaster. That was the first year they were made. Dave brought the genuine "relic" to the Fender Custom Shop so they could check it out. Dave is threatening Ronee with bodily harm to insure the priceless '54 is well guarded.