New Year's Eve 1999

Photos below, to read about the event click New Year's Story
Fremont Street
Fremont Street, Downtown Las Vegas.
Soundcheck 1 Shots from the soundcheck earlier in the day. Soundcheck 2
"Hey, I like the sound of it when I wiggle this bar thing!Soundcheck 3 Hey Dave, Make a face!

Terri yelled to Dave to make a face for the camera. Thanks Dave!

Time for the show.
The Happy Crowd

The happy crowd. It was a great gathering of the masses. At $100 per ticket, it kept out a lot of troublemakers. Included for admission were 4 bands, several light shows including a never before seen 3D show, party favors, and the honor of being with tens of thousands of other people also out to have a good time.

Dave and Bruce Dave and Kevin
Dave and Bruce

On the picture to the right, Photo taken from the Guitar Tech's area on the side of the stage. Dave is getting feedback thru the speaker. This is not easy to control but Dave has mastered the art!  Rock on!

Dave and Bruce

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