Discography and Appearances

REO Speedwagon Dec 2010 Abby Road Live "Live and Limited"

Two versions: Bloomington, IL and Milwaukee, WI shows.

REO Speedwagon 2009 Sony Not So Silent Night
John Elefante 2009 Available On-Line iTunes and www.JohnElefante.com Revolution of Mind
REO Speedwagon and STYX 2009 Available On-Line (iTunes) Can't Stop Rockin'
REO Speedwagon 2007 REO Speedwagon, Inc. "Find Your Own Way Home"
(Single CD, and Walmart exclusive 2CD/1DVD set.)
REO Speedwagon 2001 Live at Riverport: "PLUS"    Three additional tracks!
REO Speedwagon 2001 BMG Extended Versions/Live at Riverport.  Includes bonus Quicktime video of "157 Riverside Avenue"
Movie Soundtrack "Driven" 2001 unk Dave plays guitar on track 15, "Break On Through"
Greg Rolie "Roots" 2001 unk Available from Tower Records www.greggrolie.com
Extensive guitar and vocals by Dave Amato.
Bret Michaels 2000 Cleopatra "Show Me Your Hits" A Salute to Poison.
Dave plays guitar on "Something to Believe In"
REO Speedwagon only from "Arch Allies" tour with STYX Released 2001 BMG "Arch Alies" live concert CD
REO Speedwagon with STYX 2000 BMG "Arch Alies" live concert DVD
REO Speedwagon with STYX 2000 BMG "Arch Alies" live CD
Majic Ship 1999 CBM "Songwaves Project" Highly involved with this CD.
A Tribute to Garth Brooks 1999 Cleopatra "New Friends In Low Places"  Dave sings lead and plays guitar on "Shameless".
REO Speedwagon 5/1989 to Present Epic The Earth a Small Man, His Dog, and a Chicken
REO Speedwagon The Second Decade of Rock and Roll
REO Speedwagon 1996 Building The Bridge
REO Speedwagon 1999 Sony The Ballads
Richie Sambora Band 1991 Polygram Undiscovered Soul
Benny Mardones 1989 Curb Records Benny Mardones
Ted Nugent 1/1985 to 12/1986 Atlantic If You Can't Lick 'em, Lick 'em
Ted Nugent Little Miss Dangerous
Soundtrack Nomads Soundtrack
Jimmy Barnes 1985-1988 Geffen For The Working Class Man
Jimmy Barnes 1985-1988 Geffen Barnestorming
Jimmy Barnes 1985-1988 Geffen Freight Train Heart
Soundtrack Gung Ho Movie Soundtrack
Jimmy Barnes 1985-1988 Geffen Jimmy Barnes Live
Motley Crue 1987 Electra Girls Girls Girls   Dave sings famous hook
line "Girls Girls Girls" on
the hit song. He also sings
on "Wild Side"and "Primal Scream".
Motley Crue Electra Decade of Decadence (Background Vocals on Several Songs)
Motley Crue Electra Motley Crue Greatest Hits
Latoya Jackson 1984 Private Eye Latoya Studio Work
John Elafonte Band 1985 Atlantic St. Elmos Fire Soundtrack
Soundtrack Major League Soundtrack
Soundtrack Worth Winning Soundtrack
Mastedon 1984 Pakaderm Jungle Out There
Mastedon Pakaderm Lofcaudio
Petra unkown Beyond Belief Christian Rock Band
Tane Caine Band 1983 RCA/Enigma Terminator Soundtrack
Rick Springfield 1983 RCA Vocal work on live shows
David Lee Roth 1983 Warner Brothers   Vocal work on live shows

REO Speedwagon 5/1989 to Present Lead Guitar and Vocals.
Gregg Rolie Band 5 shows in Nov. & Dec. 2001 Lead Guitar and Vocals.
Player 1999 to 2000 Lead Guitar, Background Vocals, when it does not conflict with REO obligations.
Cher 5/1989 to 1992 Lead Guitar and Background Vocals  (Live DVD available and excellent)
Richie Sambora 1991 Lead Guitar and Background Vocals
Ted Nugent 1/1985 to 12/1988 Lead Vocals and Guitar
Jimmy Barnes 1988 Lead Guitar and Background Vocals
Kim Carnes 1984 Lead Guitar and Background Vocals

REO Speedwagon
January 4th, 2002
Larry King Live (CNN TV) Band closes LKL with "Roll With The Changes"
REO Speedwagon Summer Tour 2000
May 26th, 2000
The Today Show
Later Today Show
Appearance with REO and tour co-headliners STYX
Player VH1's "Where Are They Now?" Short time on camera in segment
REO Speedwagon Live It Up Music Video
Cher Love and Understanding Music Video
Live at the Mirage, 1992 ABC TV
Live at the Mirage, 1992 Concert Video Movie on VHS
Euro-Disney Grand Opening Concert Broadcast with Cher Performance
Michael Bolton How Can We Be Lovers ,1992 Music Video
Michael Thompson Band Unknown Video, 1989 Music Video
Lisa Hartman Solid Gold Television appearance
American Bandstand Television appearance
Kim Carnes Dick Clark Summer Action Show Television appearance
FTV Television appearance
Florida Concert Footage Miami Vice TV show
Julian Lennon American Music Awards Television appearance
Michael Landon Premiere Episode, Highway to Heaven Television show Soundtrack
Bob Geldoff Solid Gold Television appearance
Kids Are People Too Studio Band Television
John Parr Joan River's Show Television
Solid Gold Television appearance
American Bandstand Television appearance
Jimmy Barnes Working Class Man Music Video
Freight Train Heart Music Video
Tane Caine Band The Terminator Soundtrack Movie
Roger Daltry Solid Gold Television appearance
Dick Clark Special Television appearance
Richie Sambora Band   Tonight Show with Jay Leno Television appearance
Later Show Television appearance
David Letterman Show Television appearance
Solid Gold House Band Solid Gold Regular Television appearance