Career in Photos

Photos from the Amato Personal Collection

1975 New England band "ICE". They called themselves ICE because they were so cool! From 1978 to 1980 Dave was in "August", another New England band. More August photos and text can be see at August 1980 Promo shot with B.C. Rich guitar.
In 1980 Dave made the move from East to West. This is a 1984 promo shot of Tryanglz. Band members were Ricky Phillips (Babies), Muggs Cain, Tane Cain, John Burdell, and Dave. Dave has said working with Kim Carnes was pleasure. She is profesional, and acted like "One of the guys". 1984 Photo. John Lennon was his biggest rock idol. It must have been a rush to work with Julian Lennon on the 1985 American Music Awards TV show. With Dave are Vinie Caliutto and Ricky Phillips.
Dave endorsed Kramer USA guitars in this official 1985 promo shot. Dave now indorses both Gibson and Fender guitars. 1985, this was Dave's first show with the great Ted Nugent. Look at that Texas Jam crowd. Was Dave intimidated by the throngs of people? You bet he was, but he said the show went great. He could face about anything after that. More Texas Jam 85
1986 Ted Nugent Promo Shot. Dave and Ted jamming in 1986 A Ted Nugent Stage shot, Ted running down stairs in the back.
Here is an endorsement every rocker wants. Marshall Amps! Official Marshall Photo circa 1983 Joining REO Speedwagon in 1989, they hit the road in 1990 after adding drummer Bryan Hitt to the group. Photo 1990 or 1991. 1996, Dave with REO playing a customized Gibson Les Paul Standard in a limited edition color. Photo by Brad Magon.
1999 New York City, REO played The Today Show with Styx. 1999 photo of Dave and his gear. This photo is a little different from others on the wegbsite, Dave is holding a special Fender mini Stratocaster given to him by good buddy Richie Sambora. 2000 Photographer John Powers photo.